Southwest Connecticut 2022 Elections Guide

A look at what will be on the ballot across southwest Connecticut for voters on Tuesday, November 8.

Southwest Connecticut 2022 Elections Guide
A look at the 2022 elections in our area.

On Tuesday, November 8, voters will head to the polls for federal, state, and local races. We put together this resource to help you learn more information about where to vote and who/what will be on the ballot.

Information on Voting

Looking for where to vote or what will be specifically on your local ballot? Here’s where you can find out about each local municipality’s voting information.

Greenwich | Stamford | Darien | Norwalk | Westport | Fairfield

What’s on the Ballot

Here’s a look at who is on the ballots on November 8 when you head to the polls. We listed races across the region and linked to candidates’ websites or social media pages (when possible) to allow you to find out more about each one. See who will be on the ballot in your area.

Federal Races

U.S. Senator

House of Representatives

Statewide Races


Secretary of State



Attorney General

State Senate Races

State Senate District 25

(includes Norwalk and part of Darien)

State Senate District 26

(includes parts of Darien, Stamford, and Westport)

State Senate District 27

(includes parts of Darien and Stamford)

State Senate District 28

(includes Fairfield, and parts of Westport, Easton, and Newtown)

State Senate District 36

(includes parts of Greenwich, Stamford, and New Canaan)

State Representative Races

State Representative District 132

(includes part of Fairfield)

State Representative District 133

(includes part of Fairfield)

State Representative District 134

(includes part of Fairfield and part of Trumbull)

State Representative District 136

(includes part of Westport)

State Representative District 137

(includes part of Norwalk)

State Representative District 140

(includes part of Norwalk)

State Representative District 141

(includes part of Darien and part of Norwalk)

State Representative District 142

(includes part of Norwalk and part of New Canaan)

State Representative District 143

(includes part of Norwalk, part of Westport, and part of Wilton)

State Representative District 144

(includes part of Stamford)

State Representative District 145

(includes part of Stamford)

  • Corey Paris, Democrat (incumbent)
  • Fritz Blau, Republican

State Representative District 146

(includes part of Stamford)

State Representative District 147

(includes part of Stamford and part of Darien)

State Representative District 148

(includes part of Stamford)

  • Daniel Fox, Democrat (incumbent)
  • Wilm Donath, Republican

State Representative District 149

(includes part of Greenwich and Stamford)

State Representative District 150

(includes part of Greenwich)

State Representative District 151

(includes part of Greenwich)

Local Races


Board of Education


For the first time since the 1970s, Fairfield’s charter underwent a thorough review and update and voters will see a question related to recommended charter updates on the ballot this year.

The question reads: Shall the Town of Fairfield Charter be reorganized to: (A) make it easier to use and understand; (B) modernize language and references throughout; (C) update and expand definitions; and (D) make substantive changes, including but not limited to the following: (1) uniform standards of conduct, civility and operations; (2) streamlined budget and contract approval procedures; (3) allow for greater competition in Board of Education elections; (4) modify Board of Selectperson vacancy process; (5) codify the current forty-member RTM with ten districts; (6) appointment of Constables; (7) codify the positions of Town Administrator and Chief of Staff; (8) modify residency and qualification standards for certain department heads; (9) update the Board of Library Trustees responsibilities; and (10) amend the process for updating the Town Seal.

Learn more about each of the parts of the question.


Board of Education (vote for 3)