Out of office!

We're taking a little break this month! See you soon.

Out of office!

As we've mentioned in our last few editions of The What, Coastal Connecticut Times will be taking a hiatus in July.

We’ve decided to do this for a few reasons. One, the summer months in general are (a little) slower for local government, particularly in July when many committees take a break. Two, we wanted to take a little time this summer to spend time with family and friends during our favorite season.

And number three—and probably the most important!—we’re going to be revamping Coastal Connecticut Times a bit in an effort to better serve our readers. We’ve been doing some analysis of our readership (and looking at potential readers!) and gathering some feedback from many of you and we think we can be a better resource. So we’re going to take off July, do some of that behind-the-scenes work, and come back sometime in August with a slightly new look.

If you have any thoughts about how we can better serve you, feel free to reach out at coastalconnecticuttimes@gmail.com.

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